How to clean pillows for an enjoyable sleep? Don’t miss 4 tips!

When tidying up our bed, we often focus on bed sheets and blankets, forgetting other essential items: the pillows!

How to clean pillows for an enjoyable sleep? Don’t miss 4 tips!

Discover the secrets to keeping your pillow clean and hygienic at all times!

Can pillow hygiene affect sleep?

Over time, even the best quality pillows unavoidably accumulate dustsweatoils, and impurities from our skin. These substances can damage the pillows’ inner materials, making them less hygienic, comfortable, and supportive, thus affecting the quality of our sleep.

Dedicating time to the correct care of our pillows is very important, especially if we consider that they are in direct contact with our face, and thus our airways, for so many hours each night.

Besides, proper pillow maintenance will allow us to preserve it longer!

Pillow hygiene

How often should we clean pillows?

There is no definite rule about how often we should clean our bed pillows. However, we should consider a few simple steps every time we change our sheets. At most, we can do it during spring and late summer cleaning.

How to properly sanitize pillows?

Here are 4 simple essential steps to keep your pillows fresh, clean, and in great condition.

1. Remove also the inner lining

Besides washing pillowcases regularly, don’t forget about the inner pillow protector! This allows getting rid of micro-dust, sweat, germs, and other residues accumulated during sleep. And remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommended washing instructions to avoid fabric shrinkage.

In particular, the Bielastic Med 95° zippered pillow protector is the ideal solution for allergy sufferers and for counteracting the proliferation of dust mites and mold as it can be conveniently machine washed at 95° C.

2. Air them out

sunnywindy day is perfect for airing pillows for several hours. If possible, leave them outdoors on a clean, dry surface such as a patio or balcony, and remember not to leave them in direct sunlight, which could oxidize the inner materials.

Cool, dry, and warm air will help dry any moisture and eliminate unwanted odors. Remember that residual moisture is an excellent environment for bacterial growth - so rotate the pillows occasionally to ensure both sides are ventilated thoroughly.

3. Shake the pillows

This step will eliminate unwanted residue, such as dust or small skin debris. You can do this by folding the pillow and gently patting it.

4. Air out the bedroom

Can’t air the pillows outdoors? No problem! Open the bedroom windows and make sure there is good air circulation. You can also use a fan to promote recirculation.

Airing pillows regularly, preferably every 2 to 3 months, will help preserve their freshness and promote a healthier environment for our sleep.

Get ready for a new season of “Healthy Sleep”!

Well, now that you have learned all the essential steps for taking care of your sleeping environment, be sure to choose the right pillow to suit your physical features for a new season to enjoy!

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