Pillow between knees? Change the way you sleep!

Sleep is an activity that takes up a truly remarkable amount of time in our life. Proper sleep is of fundamental importance at all ages as it offers us mental relaxation and total physical regeneration.

Pillow between knees? Change the way you sleep!

But how can we sleep well when we tend to suffer from back pain? Find out in our article!

Unfortunately, lower back pain doesn’t only affect our daily life. In fact, most of the time, it comes into bed with us and compromises our sleep quality.

Apart from your bed system, which includes a mattress, bed base, and pillow, what affects night rest is also your sleeping posture.

Sleeping position: which is the best?

We all have a favorite position for sleeping. However, most people prefer sleeping on their side, with legs slightly curled up, the classic fetal position, or sleeping on their back.

Pillow: a great ally for your sleep!

Whatever your favorite sleeping position is, find out how using an extra pillow can help you get proper rest and relieve any bothering back pain.

Side (or fetal) position: try with a pillow between your knees!

Although sleeping on the side or in a fetal position seems to be particularly comfortable, remember that it can pull the spine out of position. This lack of alignment between vertebrae can strain the lower back.

But don’t panic! We can easily correct this by placing a pillow between our knees. This solution allows us to restore the natural alignment between the spine, hips, and pelvis.

The most important pillow is the one you rest your head on

Remember: choosing the right pillow for your head is also very important for a good night’s sleep. Pick a model that fills the space between your neck and the mattress.

Not so sure? Here’s our online configurator!

If you’re in doubt on which type to choose, try our online configurator that allows you to find your ideal pillow through 3 simple measurements!

Sleeping on your back? Try with a pillow underneath your knees!

If you’re a back sleeper, know that this is generally considered the best position as your body weight is evenly distributed on the entire surface of the mattress.

However, if lower back pain just keeps getting in the way, place a pillow under your knees. This slight bending of the legs allows your back to maintain its natural curve and relax muscles. But not only! It also promotes blood flow from the legs to the heart and relieves swelling.

Did you check the height of your pillow?

Furthermore, if you usually sleep on your back, our advice is to rest your head on a pillow that is not too thick, so as not to stress your neck and back.

Leg pillow: which model to choose?

The best pillows to place between the knees or under the legs are the soap-shaped models made of memory foam, like the ones you’ll find in our Dream Memory Blue collection.

The foam used for our pillows is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and naturally adapts to pressure. Moreover, the special breathable lining made of MicroTencel® fabric can be easily removed and washed up to 60° C.

Ready for sweet dreams?

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