Stay cool! 11 tips to cool down your summer nights!

We love summer especially when chilling on the beach, cooled by the sea breeze and with an iced drink in hand.

Stay cool! 11 tips to cool down your summer nights!

We like it less, when heat and humidity do not let us sleep well during the night!

If you are not the lucky owner of an air conditioning, do not miss our 10 tips to survive the heat!

1. Always choose 100% cotton

Keep aside for winter materials as silk, satin, and synthetic such as polyester! Choose mattress cover, sheets, and pillowcases made of cotton, even better white cotton.

2. Dress as little as possible

Use a simple T-shirt or a tank top made of cotton as pajamas, without prints that can prevent the breathability of the fabric.

3. Small reliefs

The old trick of putting the pillowcase a few minutes in the fridge always works: Use a bag to avoid wetting them and do not do this if you suffer from neck or cervical problems!

4. Air flow

If keeping the windows open is not enough, help yourself with one or more fans: Do not turn them directly on yourself but use them to circulate the air in the bedroom as much as possible.

5. Refresh

If you wake up flushed during the night, wet your wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles: This will give you relief and will help you to fall asleep again.

6. Few cuddles...

Stay apart from your partner, it’s not romantic, but essential to remedy against summer heats!

7. Right food choices

Especially for dinner, light meals, and easy to digest: In fact our organism produces heat to digest heavy food.

8. Drink water

But not too much and not just before going to sleep, or you’ll wake up in the middle of the night to run to the toilette!

9. Refresh before going to bed

A shower before bed is always a good idea, but not too cold or you will have the opposite reaction: Warm water is perfect for lowering your body temperature.

10. Stay on the ground

As you know the warm air goes up, so if you can, sleep in the lower floors of your home, where the temperature is definitely lower than that of the upper floors.

11. Choose a cooler bed system

Nowadays there are a lot of alternatives on the market to choose a mattress that best suits the summer season: For example the mattresses made of memory fresh blue, an innovative material that helps you to rest better also during the hot summer’s nights!

Find now the mattress retailer closest to you and try the latest innovative memory fresh blue mattresses: refresh your hot summer’s nights!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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