12 tips to chronologically improve your sleep!

If your night's rest isn't so relaxing, try following our list of 12 simple everyday actions to be repeated starting from the moment you wake up until night.

12 tips to chronologically improve your sleep!

Follow the list in chronological order as we have published it and immediately begin to rest better!

1. Open the windows

As soon as you wake up allow sunlight into the room so your body will understand that it is time to go into action!

2. Make the bed

Tidy up the bedroom after having it well aired out so when you get back to your room in the evening to go to sleep, it will be easier to relax in a perfect neat room.

3. Exercise

The best time to exercise is in the morning, but if you don't have enough time, even just a few simple stretching or yoga exercises will be enough. If you really can't in the morning, postpone physical activity to late afternoon at most.

4. Take a walk after lunch

Prolonged exposure to sun rays will help your body produce the right amount of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle, as well as vitamin D.

5. Stop caffeine

Watch out also for carbonated drinks which may contain large amounts of caffeine.

6. Take a nap

But never more than 20 minutes!

7. Relax

Even just 15 minutes a day would be enough: listen to your favorite music, read a book,  practice meditation or phone your best friend! Do whatever makes you happy!

8. Light dinner

And stop eating at least three hours before going to sleep!

9. Turn down lights and volume

Begin to accustom your body to darkness: turn off as many lights as possible around the house and stop loud noises. Relaxing music or white noises are much better!

10. Have a hot bath

About an hour and a half before going to bed, treat yourself with a hot bath or a shower that will relax all your muscles.

11. Drink a cup of relaxing herbal tea

There are many types and tastes, learn more in this article!

12. Sleep in the dark

Even a small light such as the TV power light (which in any case shouldn't be placed in the bedroom) can affect the production of melatonin and spoil your rest!

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