15 incredible facts about sleep that will surprise you!

Do we dream in color or black and white? Could we commit a crime while sleeping? Which mammals sleep longest and which shortest? How long can we survive without sleeping?

15 incredible facts about sleep that will surprise you!

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1. How long should we sleep?

An elderly person does not need to sleep for the same time as a newborn! How many hours of sleep a does body need, depending on ages? Here is the average time for every age-group:

  • 16 hours - Toddlers under 3 years.
  • 10 hours - Kids younger than14 years old.
  • 8 hours - Adults up to 50/60 years.
  • 6 hours - Elderly people over 60.

2. Dreaming is normal?

Definitely yes! Contrary to the total lack of dream activity when sleeping could mean a personality disorder.

3. What do men and women usually dream?

During sleep, it is normal to dream, but the gender difference affects on “who” we dream. According to recent researches, men dream about other men for the most of the time (about 70%), while women are more balanced; in fact, they use to dream equally male and female people. However for everyone, it’s applied the same rule: we only dream about faces we have already seen, even if we don’t remember about them!

4. Could we commit a crime while sleeping?

Apparently yes! Sleep disorders such as sleepwalking, allow people to walk and carry out uncontrolled actions!

Among the most common crimes are sleep-driving, writing bad checks and aggression!

5. Divorced in the bedroom?

A common practice among many married couples: about 1 out of 4 couples prefer to sleep in separate beds, no doubt for “couple” problems but only a comfort choice!

6. What is worse? No food or no sleep?

Definitely sleep! We can survive without eating for almost 2 weeks, but the total lack of sleep could be fatal in less than 10 days!

7. How long can we resist without sleeping?

The experts are the British soldiers, the firsts to develop a special method in staying awake for a long time: 36 hours!

8. Do we remember all our dreams?

No, actually sometimes we think to not have dreams, that’s because within 5 minutes of waking up we have already forgotten the 50% of our dreams, and after 10 minutes almost every dream is gone, more or less 90%.

9. What do blind people dream?

People who are not born blind, dream as everyone; but those born blind can still see images in dreams! Their brains can create a visual impression thanks to the information received by the other senses: touch, smell, and hearing, of course with some differences.

10. Do we dream in color?

Yes, at least most of us: today 75% of people dream in color, but since the advent of color television, the percentage was 15%! Moreover, most of our dreams are silent!

11. Which mammals sleep more and which less?

The sleepyhead is koala with 22 hours of sleep every day! On the contrary, giraffes use to sleep only a couple of hours a day, with 5-10 minutes sessions during the 24 hours!

12. How do dolphins sleep?

When dolphins sleep, only half of their brain shuts down; the other half stays awake to help with them breathing cycles.

13. How long do we sleep and how long we dream during our entire life?

An average a human sleeps for 230,000 hours of an entire life, that means 26 years; we spend 6 of these years dreaming!

14. Do you know which is the biggest distraction from sleeping well?

It’s easy, Internet connection 24 hours!

15. Which is the best sleeping position?

Everyone has a favored one, but if you are not sure on what is the best for falling asleep, take note of the position you are in the morning when the alarm rings: this should be the favored of your body!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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