16 ways to fight acid reflux and heartburn while you sleep!

Acid reflux is a very common and annoying disorder that keeps 1 person out of 5 awake each night.

16 ways to fight acid reflux and heartburn while you sleep!

Discover what can be 16 easy and effective ways to fight acid reflux and sleep great every night!

1. The Right Side

Sleep on your left side.

2. Keep in Shape

Keep an ideal healthy weight.

3. Up!

Sleep with an extra pillow or even better if you would use an adjustable bed base which you can regulate according to your needs.

4. Pajamas

Wear comfortable clothes that aren’t tight on your waist, both during the day and night.

5. Be aware of what you eat

Avoid certain foods such as those containing caffeine or those that are too fatty and spicy; also alcohol is strongly not recommended in these cases.

6. At Evening...

Have only light dinners.

7. When Eating...

Try to relax, feeling stressed while you eat increases the production of gastric acid in the stomach.

8. How do you eat?

Eat slowly! If you aren’t able, use this small trick: rest your fork every time you swallow a bite and pick it back up when you’re done!

9. After Dinner...

Don’t lie down after eating, it would be better to have a stroll.

10. Work-Out

Wait at least 2 hours before you exercise after eating.

11. Chew!

Sometimes a chewing gum after eating can help; the production of saliva helps to clean the esophagus from acids!

12. No smoking

Because not only does smoke irritate the whole gastrointestinal tract, it also relaxes the esophagus muscles which avoid the reflux of stomach acids in the esophagus.

13. Tell the doctor!

Talk with your doctor if the problem doesn’t improve; in some cases the use of specific medicine might be necessary.

14. Relax

Relax with some music, yoga exercises or by reading a good book.

15. Be Aware!

If you have to bend over, use your knees but don’t bend your back: even this simple movement, if often repeated, can increase reflux symptoms.

16. The right choices!

Again, a healthy life style and a bed system which suits your physical features while being able to properly support you, are the keys to help you have a restful sleep each night.

It's time to sleep better!

Choose a quality bed system suitable for your needs and physical characteristics to immediately begin sleeping greatly!

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