5 good reasons for not going to sleep without removing your makeup first!

How many times did you happen to get back at night and not even have the strength to step into the bathroom to remove your make-up?

5 good reasons for not going to sleep without removing your makeup first!

Surely many! Yet, even these small everyday deeds like cleansing facial skin, have a great effect on our body and the quality of our life.

Here are 5 good reasons that will help you find the strength to remove make-up every night!

1. Less oxygen

A pillow made of natural and hypoallergenic materials and a pillowcase in breathable cotton, help your skin breathe too while you’re lying down with your cheek on it. The presence of a layer of make-up greatly reduces this breathing, causing irreparable damage in the long run to facial skin!

2. More wrinkles

A pillow that is too hard or too soft could press and “bend” your facial skin in an unnatural way, this is why it’s important to always choose your pillow carefully.

Going to bed with make-up on would increase the chance of developing free radicals and therefore the so hated wrinkles.

3. Eye irritations and infections

Go ahead and ask your eye specialist for confirmation! Not cleaning away make-up from your eyes may cause redness, irritation and even eye infections!

4. Highlight blemishes

Keeping your skin clean and oxygenated will help you prevent pimples and blackheads.

5. Broken lashes

Mascara covers our lashes with rather unhealthy substances and in the long run they become weak and break more easily!

Find the right pillow for you!

Just three simple measurements will be enough to immediately find the pillow that best suits you! But once you find your dream pillow, make sure you remove your make-up every night and keep your pillow perfectly clean!

A good rest is also given by small daily deeds

A regular good night’s rest is crucial to having a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit and looking good!

This is why, beyond choosing a bed system that best suits your physical features, it’s also important to take care of your body with small daily actions that will immediately make you look healthier and refreshed.

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