6 Mistakes That Can Compromise Your Sleep (and Maybe You don’t Know You’re Making)!

Certainly, the fundamental starting point for a good sleep is the choice of a bed system that fits your needs!

6 Mistakes That Can Compromise Your Sleep (and Maybe You don’t Know You’re Making)!

But it’s not always enough! Find out the 6 most common mistakes that can compromise your sleep! 

1. Midnight Snacks & Caffeine!

Caffeine and sugar are 2 strong stimulants that even in small doses can cause insomnia, stress the body, and alter the sleep-wake cycle.

The solution: If you can’t quit snacking at evening, just make sure it is on foods rich on tryptophan, an amino acid involved in the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep. Foods rich in tryptophan are milk, yogurt, and bananas.

2. Week-end Sleep Marathon!

It’s common belief that sleeping late during the weekends helps to recover the lost sleep of the week, but it’s not true! In order to get best from sleep, we have to follow a regular rhythm of sleep every night!

The solution: Instead of sleeping late on Sunday morning, try to go to sleep for at least 3 nights at the proper time, sleep at least 7 hours, and try to wake up at the same time!

3. Pets in bed

According to a recent research, 63% of people who usually sleep with their pets in bed have a poor sleep quality.

The solution: Arrange a cozy dog basket nearest the foot bed or get them used to sleep in another room, the best solution for both!

4. Snooze Button

Wake up and fall asleep every 5 minutes is not good for your body and do not help you to be more rested upon waking up.

The solution: Set the alarm at the same time every morning, in this way your body will get used to the wake-up time… and you’ll not need 5 more minutes anymore!

5. Nightcap Drinks

Alcohol reduces the duration of REM phase during the sleep.

The solution: If you want to drink something before going to sleep, try an herbal tea or a chamomile.

6. Bedtime = Social time

The 78% of people use their smartphone, tablet, and laptop directly into the bed before falling asleep. The light of these devices reduces the melatonin production, compromising your rest! As well as the TV screen!

The solution: No devices in your bedroom! TV included! So you’ll not be tempted.

Sleep Well Every Night!

Stop making the usual mistakes before going to sleep! Sleep well every night thanks to our advices and choose a bed system that will fit your physical characteristics and needs! Learn more on Manifattura Falomo!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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