6 Tips To Fall Asleep In Less Than 10 Minutes!

At evening, before going to sleep, we could be tired but relaxed; Unfortunately often that’s not the case.

6 Tips To Fall Asleep In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Stress, heavy food and too much caffeine, are just some of the reasons we stare at the ceiling for hours before being able to fall asleep.

In this article you’ll find 6 simple tips that will help you to fall asleep faster every night!

1. Switch Off All Lights!

The brain needs the darkness to recharge itself: For this reason you should shut off your smartphone, your television, and your laptop when in bed; Use curtains or an eye mask to protect you from the outside light.

2. Read a (Boring) Book Until Your Eyes Get Closed!

Reading a boring book is one of the most popular way to fall asleep, your eyes will close easily!

3. Choose Your Favorite Position!

On your back, on your stomach, or on your side, whatever your favorite position, choose it to fall asleep!

4. Avoid Nap Time

If it’s not simple for you falling asleep at night, it’s better be very tired at evening, that means also avoid naps during the day!

5. Keep Away Worries From the Bedroom!

Although it’s not easy, try not to bring your troubles with you in bed! Ruminate on them it’s useless; Indeed a relaxing sleep it’s the best thing to do, because you know: “sleep on it” and you’ll probably find the solution!

6. Have Beautiful Thoughts

Instead of “count the sheep”, try to visualize yourself in a relaxing and delightful situation; You will relieve your mind from anxiety and stress!

The Problem Could Be Your Bed System

The choice of the mattress, the bed base, and the pillow must be done carefully, evaluating your needs: Resting on a bed system that doesn't match your physical characteristics can compromise your sleep!  

Find out the mattresses retailer closest to you and choose the bed system that fits with your needs: Falling asleep has never been so easy and fast!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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