Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Here are 6 tips for you!

It can happen to anyone to not be able to sleep well at night: work stress, an upcoming exam, your child with a fever or an evening out with friends that went on too long.

Did you have a sleepless night? Here are 6 tips for you!

The important thing is not to make it a habit, but if sometimes you happen to get sidetracked and can’t rest well and for the time needed to recharge yourself, then you might find these 6 simple tips very useful as they will prevent you from falling asleep on your office desk!

1. Drink lots of water

When we are dehydrated we feel more tired, this is why more water also means more attention. Keep a bottle of water always at hand, so you won’t forget to drink during the day.

2. Take action!

Do you feel your eyes shut? Get up from your chair and have a walk! A few flights of stairs or a stroll through the halls may be enough.

3. Go out!

Even better if you have a walk outdoors: sun rays are great for raising the level of vitamin D and B in our blood. Can’t go out? Get close to a window and let sun rays warm you up a bit.

4. Eat… properly!

Rather than stuffing yourself up at lunchtime, have many small meals throughout the day. Avoid carbohydrates that burn right away without helping you: fruits, vegetables, grains and other proteins are better.

5. Cold water!

Granny’s home remedy: wash your face with cold water! For women who use make-up, an ice cube passed over wrists and temples will work.

6. Have a “power nap”!

Some studies have shown the effectiveness of a “power-nap”: a nap to have immediately after a coffee, maximum 20-25 minutes. This is how long it takes for caffeine to be absorbed by the body and give out its effects.

Keep your good habits!

Every once in a while we are allowed to break the rules; the important thing is to get back to your good resting habits right away. Our body needs to rest every night in order to recover.

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