6 tips to help you solve your couple problems… in bed!

According to some surveys, many couples decide to sleep in separate rooms because of “sleep incompatibility”.

6 tips to help you solve your couple problems… in bed!

It may sound incredible, but sleeping together is not always easy!

Do you find yourself in one of the situations below? Obviously, it’s the same inverting the roles...

1. He Snore, She Is a Light Sleeper

Snoring is one of the most common sleep problems that often can be easily solved: Avoid to drink alcoholic beverages and heavy foods, sleep on one side and use a snore-stopper band which easily frees the nasal airways.

If it doesn’t work, protect the ears of the other person, buying a pair of earplugs.

2. He Loves Darkness, She Wants to Be Able To Find The Way To the Bathroom

Use a nightlight in the bathroom, so the light under the door will guide you to the right way or keep a torch on your bedside (but punt it on the floor in order to not wake up your partner!).

3. He Wants To Sleep, She Likes Reading In Bed

You can use a book-light that punt the light to the book without annoying your loved one or ask him to wear an eye-mask.

4. She Feels Cold, He Feels Hot

It’s a good rule do not go over the 18°C in the bedroom, but if you feel cold, add a blanket on your side or wear warmer pajamas.

5. He Stoles the Blankets, She Wakes Up Freezing

Use 2 blankets, one for each, a very common practice in many hotels!

6. He Likes a Firm Support, She Prefers a Soft Mattress

One of the most common problems! Buy 2 single mattresses that fit your different needs and push them together inside one mattress cover.

Find now the mattresses retailer closest to you and improve your couple-life in bed!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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