8 surprising effects of a good night’s sleep on your body!

A few days ago we took a look at what are 8 extraordinary effects of a good night’s sleep on our mind!

8 surprising effects of a good night’s sleep on your body!

And today we’ll talk about 8 equally stunning effects that good resting habits have on our body!

1. You will have beautiful skin

According to some clinical trials, it appears that those who sleep well every night have a more elastic and bright skin which is also better at repairing itself from damages caused by external agents such as sun and smog!

2. You will feel in better shape

A study carried out on 500 people has shown that a lack of sleep can increase the possibility of gaining weight sevenfold! Moreover, during sleep, our body releases the hormone of growth which is fundamental for strengthening our muscles!

3. You will be a better lover

And if you’re in better shape and well rested, you will also certainly be a better lover!

4. You will be a winner

Sleeping little and badly has very important effects on our mood: anxiety, depression and low self-esteem are the main symptoms!

5. You will speak better 

If you sleep little, your dialectic capacities will be affected: the repeated use of the same words and a more tedious and slow voice will be the symptoms!

6. You will see better

The less we sleep and the more tired we get; and if our body is tired so are our eyes, therefore it will be even harder for them to focus!

7. You will have fewer headaches

A non-restful sleep causes fatigue and stress which then pour into everyday life aggravating ailments such as headaches, which in turn will make us sleep badly, creating a vicious cycle.

8. You will have fewer occasions to get ill

A good night’s sleep seems to have positive effects on our immune system which will be stronger against viruses and diseases.

Improve your life thanks to a healthy rest!

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