8 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Dreams…

Since ancients times the dreams have fascinated philosophers and intellectuals with their mystery and their enchantment.

8 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Dreams…

Even today the modern scientists can’t give an answer to this question: «Why do we dream?». We are not able to reveal to you the truth about one of the greatest secret of human mind, anyway we know some curiosities about that!

1. Everyone dreams

No exceptions! We all dream every night, even thought sometimes we don’t remember the dreams: The researches have shown that every night we have some different dreams that may last few minutes.

2. We Forget Most Of Our Dreams

Statistics said about 95%: This is the average percentage of dreams we forget waking up.

3. Not All Dreams Are In Color

Mostly of them are in color, about 80%; A percentage that increased after the advent of the color TV.

4. Men And Women Dream Differently

The researches have shown that men tend to dream physical aggressions and so acts of violence done by strangers, as well as catastrophic natural event; On the other side women dream people close to them and the sentimental interaction with them.

5. Animals Probably Dream

By the examination of animal behaviors such as dogs, cats, and gorilla it seems that they have dream activity: However we can’t know yet, if they have awareness of dreams.

6. Negative Emotions Are More Common Than Positive

The most common feeling in dreams is anxiety and generally other negative emotions like the fear.

7. You Can’t Move When Dreaming

During REM-Phase we dream, at this point our muscles are paralyzed to avoid involuntary movements caused by dreams. Sometimes this paralysis doesn’t last for the whole duration of REM sleep and then you could wake up suddenly or kick when sleeping!

8. Everyone Dreams…

  • To fall down.
  • To fly.
  • To be not able to move or scare.
  • To run.
  • To have an exam.
  • To be naked.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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