Caffeine against healthy sleep: discover valuable alternatives for better sleep!

Coffee is for many people a must-have during the day, and they just can’t give it up!

Caffeine against healthy sleep: discover valuable alternatives for better sleep!

On the other hand, drinking coffee can also cause nervousness, anxiety, stomach pain, and insomnia. So what should we do? Here are 4 alternatives to coffee!

There’s no need to completely give up coffee, as it also has many beneficial effects on our body. All you need to do is reduce the amount and have a cup only at specific times throughout the day. Did you know that a cup of coffee mid-morning rather than right after getting up is more effective and positively stimulates your metabolism?

To reduce caffeine, beyond avoiding some foods that contain it, try gradually introducing an alternative and grant yourself a more restful sleep.

4 alternatives to coffee

Barley coffee

Easy to find even in cafes, the roasting process of the beans is the same as our beloved coffee. However, it maintains a delicate taste and is a valuable anti-inflammatory.



Apart from its energizing and invigorating function, it is also an antioxidant. Served with traditional coffee, it can be a good option for switching to caffeine-free drinks.


Green tea

Not only is it a well known antioxidant, but also a diuretic. And let’s not forget its lipolytic action!


Matcha tea

This Japanese green tea powder has many beneficial properties. Compared to other tea qualities, this one has high theine content. However, our body absorbs it much more regularly compared to caffeine.


Quality sleep thanks to a suitable mattress!

Ok, it’s a rather a bold statement. But good sleep is just the best solution to our sense of tiredness and fatigue.

The quality of sleep reflects on our daily lives: it allows us to wake up feeling peaceful and active. And this is why the choice of a mattress, bed base, and pillow requires particular attention. Yes, they can really affect your sleep!

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