Are You A Morning Lark Or A Night Owl? It’s Written in Your DNA!

Have you ever heard about the Chronotype? It’s the attribute that identifies our natural biorhythm, and that regulates our sleep-awake-cycle.

Are You A Morning Lark Or A Night Owl? It’s Written in Your DNA!

According to the chronotype, our body is already “set” to be more or less active at certain times of the day.

Lark or Owl? Find out now your chronotype!

Here are 3 Chronotypes!

The distribution of sleep during the 24 hours changes from person to person.

According to your chronotype you can be:

  • A lark, if you go to bed early and wake up early, too.
  • An owl, if you go to bed late and wake up late in the morning.
  • Neutral, if you have a more balanced biorhythm, as 70% of the World population!

In 1976 two researchers, Jim Horne and Olof Östberg, have developed a questionnaire consisting of 19 questions, by which you can identify your chronotype.

You Can’t Choose To Be a Lark Or an Owl!

The commitments and responsibilities that shape our lives affect and alter our natural biorhythm: People who belong to the neutral chronotype, are the ones that less suffer from biorhythm changes, and that best meet the everyday needs.

But if you’re a lark chronotype, who tends to wake up early in the morning, you’ll feel tired earlier in the evening and consequently the imbalance of your natural rhythm will affect your well-being.

Same goes if you’re an owl chronotype, that it’s not able to sleep early in the evening and that lives in the inadequacy between the lifestyle and the chronotype.

It’s essential that you identify your chronotype and analyze it to learn how to adjust your rest and get the best from your sleep hours.

What All Chronotypes Have in Common?

What you must never forget, whatever your chronotype, is the choice of a bed system that fits your physical characteristics.

The life often doesn’t allow us to fully satisfy our natural tendencies, so it’s right to get the most out the hours of sleep, we can have every night!

Find out now the specialized mattress retailer closest to you, test a mattress, a bed base, and a pillow that fits your chronotype!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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