ASMR: what is it and how does it help sleep?

Researchers have started to look into the ASMR sensory phenomenon only recently.

ASMR: what is it and how does it help sleep?

This pleasant feeling of delicate chills is accompanied by deep relaxation and well-being. But what is it exactly?

What does “ASMR” mean?

Never heard of it? Well, this acronym stands for “Autonomous Sensor Meridian Response”. It refers to the ability of the human brain to automatically react to a series of different audio stimuli, producing pleasant sensationstingling, and chills.

ASMR sounds

More than “sounds”, these noises are identified as “triggers”, because they actually trigger a feeling of calm and well-being that starts from the scalp and spreads throughout the body.

Among the most used ASMR triggers, there are certainly whispers, the noise related to hair brushing, the crumpling of a sheet of paper, or fingers turning the pages of a book.

The potential benefits of ASMR on sleep

Scientific research to evaluate the positive effects that ASMR can have on sleep has just begun. However, the studies conducted so far have identified a correlation between the experience of ASMR, a slower heart rate, and the increase in skin conductivity.

Moreover, although there isn’t still enough scientific evidence to support it, according to 2018 research, most people who regularly listen to ASMR sounds, have claimed to feel significantly calmer and less stressed.

In short, if you listen to ASMR noises in the evening, they can effectively and naturally fight off one of the most common obstacles to sleep: emotional stress!

The alternative to ASMR sounds

Not all people can experience ASMR. If you're one of these, you can try with white noises to promote sleep and both mental and physical well-being. Find out more about white noises in this article!

And is your mattress capable of instilling a wellness feeling?

Lack of proper sleep affects both physical and mental performance. Don’t underestimate the importance of a mattress, a bed base, and a pillow that satisfy your physical features!

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