5 bad habits that can ruin your awakening!

Do you sleep regularly every night but have trouble in the morning swinging into high gear?

5 bad habits that can ruin your awakening!

If you don’t want to waste the good hours of sleep you have every night, be careful not to trip into these 5 bad habits that can ruin your awakening!

1. Using the “snooze” button

Bad Habits Awakening - Using the “snooze” button
There couldn’t be a worst invention for healthy sleep! Repeatedly postponing the alarm clock of 5/10 minutes just destabilizes our circadian rhythm.

2. Checking your cellphone before getting out of bed

Bad Habits Awakening - Checking your cellphone before getting out of bed
A research carried out by the University of British Columbia has shown that people who control emails, Facebook, news and more from their cellphone as soon as they wake up, are more likely to suffer from stress. The best solution? Don’t even take your smartphone into your bedroom.

3. Forgetting to stretch

Bad Habits Awakening - Forgetting to stretch
Instead of wasting time on your smartphone, spend just a few minutes to stretch, even as soon as you wake up, while you’re still lying in bed. Then get up and continue for a few more minutes. Here’s where you can find some simple exercises to repeat each morning.

4. Doing everything in a rush

Bad Habits Awakening - Doing everything in a rush
Do you do anything possible just to not lose precious minutes of sleep? Like setting your alarm clock at the last moment or, even worse, do you keep hitting the “snooze” button? A bad habit to change right away! Take your time to do everything calmly: stretch, have a shower and breakfast and maybe even a chat in serenity with your partner.

To further help you, we advise you to get the clothes you want to wear and your bag ready the night before; in addition, having a clear program of your day from the evening before, will help you face your awakening with equanimity!

5. Not opening windows or curtains

Bad Habits Awakening - Not opening windows or curtains
What is the first daily action to do in the morning as soon as you get out of bed? Open the window and let natural sun rays into the house to do their best on your organism.

Break your bad habits and rediscover your perfect sleep!

Choose a lifestyle of good and healthy habits that can improve your life: rest well on a quality bed system that perfectly fits to your physical characteristics and have a great sleep!

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