Night brings beauty: 5 habits to avoid for a true night-time beauty treatment!

There is nothing more enjoyable than sliding into bed and drifting off to dreamland after a long and tiring day at work. Discover how 5 simple routines and a night of healthy rest can literally improve your aspect!

Night brings beauty: 5 habits to avoid for a true night-time beauty treatment!

The benefits of sleep on our mental and physical health are now well known, yet we commit small bad habits that can compromise the quality of our rest, not allowing us to wake up with that nice and relaxed look that we were hoping for.

1. Remove your make-up

We know that in some evenings fatigue and laziness take over and the only goal is to get into bed. The idea of ​​spending another 10 minutes removing make-up isn't tempting at all. Remember, however, that the regenerating process of skin happens during the night and skipping those precious minutes to cleanse your face means waking up with puffy eyes, clogged pores, and skin blemishes.

2. Don’t forget your night cream

Don’t skip the best time to pamper your skin! Apply your favorite moisturizer at least 20 minutes before going to sleep to allow complete absorption.

3. Freshly washed pillowcases

Pillowcases absorb substances that don’t do so well to our face, including dust, sweat, and cosmetics: sleeping on the same pillowcase for various nights in a row means transferring impurities from the pillowcase to the face. Remember to change them every 4-5 days.

4. Choose “dreamy” sheets

A good rest also requires a careful selection of materials. Sheets made of low-quality materials can irritate the skin and ruin your hair. Choose comfortable sheets made of fine quality yarns like natural fibers of aloe vera and cotton.

5. Hair at full volume!

Don’t damage your hair by keeping it always tied, but during the night it’s best to keep strands away from your face to allow the skin to breathe. A well-tied braid is a comfortable and quick solution that will allow your hair to be well-groomed, wavy and have extra volume the following morning!

The most important beauty secret? Sleep!

A real beauty treatment starts from the quality of your sleep: choose your ideal bed system with a mattress, bed base and the right pillow that satisfy your needs and physical features.

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