Find Your Perfect Position For Having a Great Sleep Every Night!

According to a research reported by the Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice of Adelaide, during the night an adult changes sleep position from 3 to 36 times, an average of 12 times!

Find Your Perfect Position For Having a Great Sleep Every Night!

Changing your sleep position too often can disrupt your rest, but what is your ideal position to sleep well? Find it out!

Everyone Has a Perfect Position!

Each of us has different needs, for this reason there is not an ideal sleep position for everyone, but there is a better posture for all of us! Especially if you suffer pains, you should choose the position that more than others gives you relief.

If You Suffer From Sleep Apnea Or Snoring…

It would be better if you don’t sleep on your back! When you lay in this position your airways could be constricted more easily.

Sleep on a side and place a pillow next to your back, in this way you’ll avoid to turn in supine position!

If you prefer to sleep in supine position, use an extra pillow to raise your head a few degrees higher than the rest of your body.

If You Suffer From Gastric Reflux…

Also in this case, your pain can be relieved by sleeping on a side, but be sure to choose the convenient side: In fact many people who suffer from this pain have had more benefits sleeping on their left side.

If You Suffer From Back Pain…

In case of back pain, or shoulders pain, you should sleep on your back, in order to keep your spine aligned.

If You Suffer From Neck Pain…

Never sleep on your belly! In fact, if you choose this sleep position, you’ll compress the neck vertebrae. You can, however, choose to sleep on one side or on your back.

The Solution To All Your Problems!

Choosing a mattress, a pillow, and a bed base that fit your body and your needs it’s always essential for everybody!

A too soft or too hard mattress can negatively affects your well-being. Same goes for the choice of the pillow!

Find out the mattresses retailer closest to you and choose the perfect bed system!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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