Ready for the bikini season? Avoid these 4 sleep mistakes!

The summer is just around the corner, get in shape thanks to an healthy sleep!

Ready for the bikini season? Avoid these 4 sleep mistakes!

If you want to have a good lifestyle you should follow some simple rules, both during summer and winter. An inappropriate sleep can affect your metabolism and consequently your shape! Find out why!

Why bad sleep makes you gain weight?

Not only healthy eating and regular exercise, but also good sleep helps you to maintain or regain your ideal weight.

This is because a bad sleep means a reduction of melatonin production and then an increasing of hormones such as estrogens, testosterone and ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite and that tells to the body when to be hungry!

People who don’t get enough sleep, tend to burn 20% less calories

A research study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that people who sleep few hours per night tend to burn about 20% less calories after meals than people who sleep longer.

Mistake 1 - Too much “Snooze” and very few “work-outs”…

During summer, the morning is the perfect time to do some outdoor exercises: The cool temperatures, the sun already high, and a lower percentage of pollen in the air than in the evening, make it the ideal time to run or even just to take a walk before work!

Do not push too many times “snooze” on your phone alarm clock, wake up and workout!

Mistake 2 - Refreshing drinks and snacks…

During the hot summer’s nights it’s hard to resist the temptation of drinking a cold beverage or eating an ice cream. Avoid snacks and drinks after dinner, they are often full of sugar, and could alter your sleep. If you can resist, choose a frosty glass of water with a slice of lemon! 

Mistake 3 - Is your resting environment well kept?

Do not underestimate the quality of the environment where you sleep: keep the humidity around 50%, the temperature not too high or low, and turn off all light sources. An interrupted sleep has a strong influence on your metabolism!

Mistake 4 - Is your bed system right for you?

Choose carefully the mattress, the bed-base and the pillow: They are the key elements for a refreshing rest without any interruptions! Remember to flip your mattress on the summer side, usually made of more breathable materials, such as cotton or linen.

Do you want to get your best shape starting from an healthy sleep? Find now the mattresses retailer closest to you and start right away to regain your shape thanks to a better rest!

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