California poppy: a natural remedy for your sleep

We know that flowers, and plants in general, are not only fascinating but also carry therapeutic and healing properties identified since ancient times.

California poppy: a natural remedy for your sleep

Native Americans used the California Poppy as both medicine and food. Also, it is a reliable treatment for improving sleep quality. Let’s find out more!

We already talked about flowers in one of our blog articles dedicated to Australian flowers. Today, however, we’re moving to America, specifically to California.

Facts about the California poppy

Its botanical name is Eschscholtzia californica. It’s a small poppy that ranges in color from orange to yellow and grows wild in California, where it is also the state flower.

Cataloged in the early 1800s, the natives were aware of the therapeutic properties of this plant well before the colonization of the New World. Besides using it as food, the California poppy was used as a medicine to treat toothache, colic, ulceration and to enhance sleep.

What are the benefits of the California Poppy?

Thanks to its molecular composition, it is an excellent natural remedy for anxiety, mood swings, stress, and sleep-related disorders.

Flavonoids, carotenoids, phytosterols, and alkaloids offer soothing properties, capable of promoting body and mind relaxation.

Even sleep quality can improve. How? Its hypnotic effect helps us fall asleep more quickly and is particularly suitable for counteracting overnight awakenings.

How to take California poppy for better sleep

There are several ways to take California poppy: you can prepare herbal tea or choose capsules or tincture.

Preparing an herbal tea is quick and easy. Just leave a teaspoon of Eschscholzia (about 3g) in a cup of hot water for 10-15 minutes. You can drink 1 or 2 cups in the evening before bed time.

While, for a more effective action, you can mix various natural herbs that promote relaxation, such as passion flower and lemon balm. Ask your trusted herbalist for more precise advice and directions.

If you love or are curious about herbal teas, find out more in our article dedicated to relaxing herbal teas for better sleep!

Fall asleep in the arms of Morpheus with the California poppy!

Are you feeling stressed by everyday life, experiencing difficulties falling asleep, or having overnight awakenings? The California poppy may be the natural remedy you’re looking for!

Natural remedies help ensure good rest, but always remember the importance of choosing a bed system that suits your needs!

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