4 tips for getting your child ready for the most wonderful night of the year!

Here we are, after weeks of preparations, the most eagerly awaited day of the year by children (and adults!) is just around the corner.

4 tips for getting your child ready for the most wonderful night of the year!

The kindergarten or school break and the many attractions of a decorated house, certainly transforms the moment of putting the kids to bed into an almost impossible mission, especially on Christmas Eve!

The excitement for Santa’s arrival is skyrocketing, and in the evening, children just don’t want to slip into bed! But here are some tips for nurturing Christmas magic and helping children and parents reach the big day feeling well-rested!

1. Jacket, hat, and gloves: time to go out!

Don’t let yourself be held back by the cold weather! Whether it’s an hour of play in the park, a “soccer game” with the family, a walk in the mountains or the making of a snowman in the yard, make sure your child grabs a break from the Christmas movie marathon by spending some time outdoors.

Making children play outside, even in winter, stimulates and strengthens their immune system, helping them defend themselves against seasonal illnesses and allergies. Moreover, the sun is the best natural antibiotic, and its rays not only eliminate germs and viruses but also stimulate the production of vitamin D.

2. A delicious snack... for Santa Claus!

In the afternoon, gather the whole family in the kitchen to prepare tasty shortbread or wholegrain cookies to enjoy together.

And then, why not create a magical Christmas tradition? Help your child get a tray ready with a glass of warm milk and some cookies to leave in sight for Santa’s arrival (who will surely eat everything when he gets there!) and don’t forget some carrots for his reindeers!

A glass of warm milk is great for relaxing before climbing into bed, thanks to its calming elements such as tryptophan, from which serotonin derives from, and calcium.

3. Bath time

A warm bath is an ideal solution for getting children to bed before Santa Claus comes down the chimney. Add a few drops of lavender or orange essential oil to give a sense of calm and serenity. Find out more about essential oils and how to use them to sleep better in our article!

Moreover, having a bath the night ahead is a great way to avoid the rush in and out of the bathroom right before the great lunch on December 25th!

4. Opening gifts

Our advice is to open gifts on the morning of the 25th instead of the evening of the 24th. Children will surely run to bed, anxiously waiting for the most wonderful night of sleep of the year.

Why not gift sweet dreams for Christmas?

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And now, lights out, eyes shut, goodnight and Merry Christmas to all readers!

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