Pajamas: discover the curiosities and how to find the right pair for better sleep!

Pajamas are undoubtedly the favorite clothing to wear during sleep and when relaxing on the sofa.

Pajamas: discover the curiosities and how to find the right pair for better sleep!

But did you know that the outfit you chose to wear at night greatly affects the quality of sleep? Discover the origins of pajamas and the properties of the most suitable fabrics to accompany your rest.

The history of pajamas: garments from the Far East

The history of pajamas has very ancient origins. The term pajamas, derives from Persian “pay”, leg, and “jame”, meaning cloth for the legs.

But pajamas of ancient times were not as we know them today. In fact, they consisted of very loose garments made of light and comfortable fabric. The trousers, tied at the waist by a drawstring, and the tunic, represented in faraway Persia a real “uniform”.

Pajamas were then introduced to the West by the English around 1870, after having discovered them during the Indian colonization, proposing them as a substitute for traditional nightgowns.

Which fabric should you choose for pajamas? Research gives us an answer!

Yes, because the fabric of your nightwear can affect the quality of your rest. A study conducted at the University of Sydney confirmed the relationship between rest and fabric worn, measuring body temperature, brain activity, and heart rate.

To each his own pajamas!

Since pajamas are worn in direct contact with the skin, it is advisable to carefully choose quality materials.


Analyzing the results of the study conducted at the University of Sydney, researchers noticed that those who wore flannel pajamas fell asleep faster than those who wore other fabric.

Flannel is pleasant to the touch and comfortable during the colder winter months. Moreover, it is also exceptionally breathable, and by keeping the body at an ideal temperature, it induces sleep faster.


It is a soft, light, breathable fabric and also recommended for those with sensitive skin. However, not being a good insulator, this fabric is not the ideal choice for those who are particularly cold or warm.


This fabric has excellent heat-regulating properties, meaning it keeps you warm when temperatures drop, and cool when they increase.


Obtained from the plant’s fibers, it seems that in addition to being very soft, this fabric has excellent antibacterial properties, representing the ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies.

The keywords: practicality and simplicity

It is not always easy to find the most suitable nightwear, but you will undoubtedly have to choose a comfortable pair, with very few buttons and no labels.

Wash them frequently at high temperatures

Also, remember to change and wash your pajamas at high temperatures, at least once a week to get rid of any bacteria or mites!

The most important advice of all?

In addition to comfortable pajamas, it is essential to rest on a bed system suitable for the cold and warm seasons, and above all, able to satisfy your physical features and resting needs. Discover Manifattura Falomo’s mattresses, pillows, and bed bases!

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