Co-sleeping: a benefit for baby’s sleep?

For new parents, ensuring restful sleep for everyone in the family becomes a top priority.

Co-sleeping: a benefit for baby’s sleep?

There are several ways you can share relaxing time with your baby. Let’s have a look together!

Healthy rest, especially for a new mother, is essential to regain strength and complete well-being. But how to preserve it even during the first months of a baby’s life? Co-sleeping may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Co-sleeping or bed-sharing? Here are the differences!

We often confuse co-sleeping with bed-sharing, but they are not the same. Co-sleeping is when parents sleep in their own bed, and the baby sleeps in a crib or bedside crib. While bed-sharing occurs when the child sleeps in the big bed with the parents.

Co-sleeping or bed-sharing

New parents can draw many benefits from co-sleeping: it helps keep the baby safe, reduces mother-child distance, facilitates overnight breastfeeding and response to the baby’s requests for closeness, and finally, reduces nighttime awakenings.

On the other hand, sharing the same bed brings higher risk factors, especially during the baby’s first 4 months. Still, following the proper steps suggested by the American Academy of Paediatrics can increase the infant’s safety.

An aid to infant sleep development?

Researchers specializing in infant neurodevelopment have different views on how infants regulate their sleep. Research conducted by Elaine S. Darry of Pennsylvania State University considers mother-child co-sleeping a viable method for regularizing infant sleep and making it similar to adult’s in less time.

Infant sleep

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Yes to co-sleeping, but up to what age?

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that new parents practice co-sleeping for no more than 12 months. But don’t worry! We can ease the transition from mom and dad’s room to the nursery with some practical tips.

The ideal mattress for your baby

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