Cold feet in bed? Not anymore!

Today we’re going to talk about a small but quite annoying problem: Cold feet in bed! If you are a man, you are well aware of what we’re talking about, because probably you are used as a “hot water bottle” by your wife and her “frozen extremities”!

If you can’t take this pain anymore, do not miss this article!

Why do your feet “cool down” easily?

Not many people know that the extremities cooling is a self-defense system of our body: In fact when our body temperature goes down, our organism decides to “sacrifice the extremities” (feet and hands) to protect our organs.

A ladies’ problem?

Women mostly suffer from this problem, also when apparently it’s not so cold to justify the activation of this defense process, for example when they’re in their warm bed!

It’s all in the estrogens…

A recent research at Portsmouth University seems to have found the cause of all, in the female hormones, the estrogens, which regulate the vessel constriction and probably exacerbate this cooling process.

How can we fix It? 4 simple tips.

Husband and man, read here and take our’s advice to heart!

1 - Hot bath-feet, but not too much (about 37°C or 98°F), then wear a pair of socks, better if cotton socks.

2 - Massage them and stimulate the feet circulation with a massage: Circular motions starting from the fingers towards the heels. Use a eucalyptus cream to increase the benefits of this massage.

3 - Herb tea (no caffeine please!): take an herbal tea or infusion before going to sleep (ginger could be the best in this case); Avoid coffee that with its vasoconstriction properties would not help you at all!

4 - Hot water bottle: a reliable way to warm our feet without hurting our partner. You can use a classic hot warm bottle or a electric one.

The importance of your bed system.

Also in this case do not forget to value the quality of your bed system: a mattress that not fits your needs or that not supports you properly, can cause blood circulation problems. The same applies to your bed base, which should support you properly.

Find now the mattress retailer closest to you, choose a quality bed system and sleep well, with warm feet!

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