The 5 Sleep Positions that Reveal Your Love!

“Love is in the air” says a famous song. It’s love that flaws in the air, especially today, that’s Valentine’s day!

The 5 Sleep Positions that Reveal Your Love!

Have you ever wonder what can tell about you the way you sleep every night?

If you want to learn more about it, do not mess this article and find out what means the position you and your partner prefer to fall asleep!

1. The “Spoon” Sleeping Position

If you love this position (both of you on the side, one that hug the other from behind) you have a strong affinity.

 The “Spoon” Sleeping Position

Experts say that this position can reveal a little bit of insecurity, very common among young couples.

2. The “Zen” Sleeping Position

If you sleep with your backs facing and your lower backs touching, probably you have been slept together for a long time, and so you have reached confidence in each other and the couple-balance.

The “Zen” Sleeping Position

Some lovers, who sleep back to back, could no touch each other, but this doesn’t mean less confidence, on the contrary, it shows more trust and independence.

3. The “Honeymoon” Sleeping Position

By the name you can easily imagine that this is one of the most favorite position of young couples, maybe just married, that therefore tend to “cling” with arms and legs, face to face.

The “Honeymoon” Sleeping Position

This sleep position means an intense, ardent, and passionate love, but this is also a little bit uncomfortable as position to keep for long time!

4. The “Royal Hug” Sleeping Position

The man is on his back and the woman sleeps on the side, her face on his chest, while the man surrounds her with a tender hug.

The “Royal Hug” Sleeping Position

If you both love this position, your relationship is strong and secure. The woman loses herself to her man, who wants to protect her also during the night. So sweet!

5. The “Crime Scene” Sleeping Position

Both of you sleep on your back, but in a messy way, with arms and legs that can touch or not. Does that sound familiar to you?

The “Crime Scene” Sleeping Position

If you sleep almost as “crime scene victims”, you are lovers that are living in a totally relaxed and peaceful relationship.

Which Will Be Your Sleeping Position Tonight?

Have fun trying to see if these positions reveal the truth about your relationship, but do not forget that you can reach a couple-balance also thanks to an healthy and relaxing sleep.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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