4 Tips to Deal With the Daylight Saving Time!

Does the daylight saving time changing (DTS) provoke you some sleep problems? Above all during the morning getting up? Do you feel tired and weary more than usual?

4 Tips to Deal With the Daylight Saving Time!

Take a look at our 4 simple tips to face the Daylight Saving Time change with a good mood!

A Little Sacrifice For a Big Saving!

Perhaps not everyone knows that the daylight saving time saves us every year millions of kilowatt-hour thanks to the additional light-hour available every day, during summer season.

Benjamin Franklin was the first one that thought about this solution to save energy in 1784; He had seen in this time change an easy way to have a big energy saving.

Positive and Negative Effects…

Although for many of us it’s not easy to adapt the body to the new time schedule, do not forget that in addition to save energy, the increase of light-hours has positive effects on our health: The exposure to sunlight intensify the serotonin production, the “hormone of good mood”!

4 Tips To Live a Better Daylight Saving Time Change!

  1. Prepare yourself some days before! 2-3 days before the Time Change, try to move back your clock. Only 20 minutes back every morning, so the morning of the change you’ll be already set on the right time!
  2. The same goes for the evening: Try to go to bed before! Use again the trick above: Go to sleep 20-25 minutes earlier every night, starting 2-3 days before the Time Change!
  3. Avoid caffein and alcohol beverages during these days: Those substances can affect your sleep-wake cycle, making the change more complicated. 
  4. Use the additional light-hour in the morning and workout! Given that you are going to get up earlier in the morning, take a walk! Our body will benefit from the positive effects that the sunlight has on our organism!

Face the new Daylight Time Full of Energy and Well-Rested!

Follow our 4 simple tips, and do not forget to sleep on a bed-system that fits with your physical characteristics! Sleeping well, on a quality mattress, and for the right time is the first step of an healthy life!

Find now the mattresses, pillows, and bed bases retailer closest to you! You’ll look forward to seeing the “time” to go to sleep!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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