Insomnia or delayed sleep phase syndrome? Let’s find out together!

If you often struggle to fall asleep, you may have confused this difficulty with insomnia when, in fact, you are dealing with the delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Insomnia or delayed sleep phase syndrome? Let’s find out together!

But what is it exactly? And how do we cope with it? Let’s find out together!

What is delayed sleep phase syndrome?

The so-called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) is a chronic sleep rhythm disorder that can even change the rhythm of our hormonal cycles and body temperature.

Compared with the insomniac, the person suffering from DSPS can get as much as 8 consecutive hours of restful sleep, but at unusual hours, such as from 3:00 am to 11:00 am. This leads to quite a few difficulties when waking up at the desired time to carry out the usual work and school activities.

On the other hand, the person accompanied by insomnia struggles with the inability to sleep even though the body and mind require it.

Who suffers from delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Although DSPS can also develop in early childhood, it appears to occur more frequently during adolescence and in young adults.

So, how can we set our biological clock?

Delayed sleep syndrome has no side effects since the person can still get restful sleep. However, the inability to comply with the sleep-wake rhythm creates real social distress with daytime sleepiness, disattention, and depression.

Insomnia or delayed sleep phase syndrome? Let’s find out together!

Find out how to adjust your sleep in 6 simple steps!

Here are 6 tips to help you synchronize your wake-sleep rhythm:

  1. Create (and maintain!) a good sleep routine, even during the most challenging times.
  2. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and energy drinks.
  3. Reduce consumption of chocolate and sugary foods in the evening hours.
  4. Don’t use your computer or smartphone before bedtime!
  5. Prepare a comfortable environment for bedtime.
  6. And above all... Make sure you have an appropriate mattress and pillow for your physical features!

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