Digital detox: all the benefits for your sleep and more!

Being able to control our screen time, which means the time we spend on social networks or simply using any of our electronic devices, allows us to focus on our well-being.

Digital detox: all the benefits for your sleep and more!

By establishing small daily habits, we can learn to listen to our minds and body. Find out what digital detox is, create your digital free moment and treat yourself to sweet dreams!

Is detoxing from the digital world really that important?

Can you imagine your days without electronic devices? Strange, isn’t it? Yet, without knowing it, these devices influence our psycho-physical balance.

Anxiety, stress, and fatigue are conditions that affect our productivity, well-being, and serenity, leading us to develop one of the many types of insomnia.

For example, think about what happens to your brain when you use your smartphone before falling asleep!

When “5 minutes” turn into hours...

In 2007, a new professional pathology was officially recognized and named “technostress”. It considers all those negative consequences deriving from the excessive use of technological devices.

What are the consequences of “technostress”?

Constant fatigue, concentration and memorization difficulties, lower productivity and self-esteem, weakening of social and interrelational skills. When this set of stressful factors become chronic, there is the risk of a digital burnout or psycho-cognitive and physical exhaustion that can compromise the quality of our life, well-being, and above all, our night rest.


Create your digital free ritual!

Rediscovering well-being and detoxifying from social networks and the Internet is possible. Follow our simple tips and take a digital break!

  • Choose when not to use your smartphone or rooms in the house where your devices should be out of sight, such as the bedroom;
  • Start writing if you feel the need to express your thoughts, or reading if you are looking for new stimuli;
  • Discover mindfulness to get rid of undesired worries and anxieties;
  • Find the suitable physical activity for you, take a relaxing walk, or practice some simple yoga exercises;
  • Focus your attention on social bonds, meet your closest friends and relatives.
  • Create a new evening routine and end your day in the best possible way by creating some “me time”!

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing place!

Spending too much time using technological devices, especially before sleep, affects your inner balance. Improve the quality of your life by dedicating the proper attention to your rest. Choose the bed system that best suits you!

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