Drinking water before bedtime? A healthy and restful habit!

Water is an essential element for our health and body. Nutritionists advise us to drink 2 liters of water a day, and we also know that a glass in the morning, shortly after getting up, awakens our body.

Drinking water before bedtime? A healthy and restful habit!

But did you know that sipping a glass of water before bedtime has many benefits?

Although many of us don’t drink after dinner to avoid those annoying nighttime awakenings, here are 4 unexpected benefits of this healthy habit!

1. It helps digestion

When we drink, we are also hydrating our body, allowing it to function correctly. Proper hydration facilitates the digestive process, eliminating that typical after-dinner feeling of heaviness and accelerates the intake of nutrients.

2. It cleanses the body

Water has a detox action, which means it helps us to “cleanse” our body of all those accumulated toxins that come from pollution or poor nutrition.

3. It helps you lose weight

Drinking cold water before sleeping gets your metabolism working and therefore becomes a sort of natural slimming: our body makes a significant effort to raise water temperature to adapt it to our body, thus burning many calories.

4. Promotes sleep

Since our body is completely at rest during the night, this becomes the ideal time to replenish all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Furthermore, by greatly facilitating the digestive process by only drinking, we can grant ourselves more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

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