Having trouble getting up in the morning? And what if it were dysania?

Haven’t you ever been tempted to turn your back to the alarm clock when it goes off and get back to sleep?

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? And what if it were dysania?

It’s a fairly common feeling many people share. But for some, dragging themselves out of a warm bed to begin a new day can be a true obstacle!

The “sleepyhead syndrome”

Although dysania, also known as clinomania, has not been formally clinically recognized yet, it is a pathological behavior linked to all those people who find it tough to take the first step of the day: getting out of bed!

Dysania? No excuse for not getting up!

Actually, dysania isn’t such a widespread disorder. Often, when we hear the alarm clock go off we “simply” feel still tired, maybe even lazy and apathetic.

But people who suffer from dysania enter a state of anxiety with consequent depressive disorders that make them stay in bed all day, sometimes for several days in a row!

In short, it’s not about feeling sleepier than usual, but a chronic inability to leave the bed.

So no, you can’t use it as an excuse for getting to work late!

Technology that helps

Although there is no cure for those who would like to get up late in the morning, you can always try getting out of bed with a few “tricks”.

Use an original alarm clock like Alarmy! Download the app on your smartphone and every morning it will ask you a little physical and mental effort for switching it off!

Or rely on the Sleep Cycle app, the smart alarm clock that monitors the rhythm of sleep, waking you up as soon as it becomes lighter.

However, remember that using your smartphone to fall asleep involves many negative effects on the quality of rest, so: switch the airplane mode on and push it away from the bed!

What happens to your brain when you look at your smartphone before sleeping? Read our article!

The power of a good mattress

If you feel a sense of tiredness as soon as you wake up in the morning, then maybe it’s time to think about a new quality mattress that satisfies your needs!

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