8 Famous Movies About Sleep That You Should Not Miss!

The sleep is a subject of great fascination for science that today still can’t provide answers  to many questions about this mysterious process that takes up a third of our lives!

8 Famous Movie About Sleep That You Should Not Miss!

Maybe this is why many directors and film authors have chosen the sleep and the dreams as a subject of their movies? Check out our list! Have you already seen all these movies?

1. The Machinist

The story of a record insomnia: In fact the central figure of this surreal adventure is a man who can’t sleep from almost a year!

2. Inception

The incredible dynamics of the human psyche during the sleep at the service of a subconscious explorer!

3. Sleeping Beauty

A classic Disney animation movie where the beautiful princess falls into a deep sleep of several years!

4. Sleepwalk with Me

The story of a comic actor struggling with significant and unpredictable somnambulism problems!

5. Nightmare

A classic horror movie! The unrealistic story of a serial killer who kills his victims while they are having a dream or better, nightmares!

6. Sleepless in Seattle

The story of a young Tom Hanks, who after the loss of his wife, suffers from sleeping problems. Fortunately he’ll find again the love under the skyscrapers of the Big Apple.

7. The Science of Sleep

The surrealistic story of a man whose vivid and realistic dreams meddle with reality; Dreams, nightmares and real life are almost undistinguished in this bizarre movie.

8. Vanilla Sky

The vanilla-colored sky is the sky of a dreamy world where the main character is dealing with a “lucid dream”, from which he would be awakened!

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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