Happiness and sleep, sadness and sleep, anxiety and sleep, stress and sleep!

Have you ever wondered how feelings can affect our sleep and, on the other side, how sleep can affect our feelings?

Happiness and sleep, sadness and sleep, anxiety and sleep, stress and sleep!

Do you know that our brain continues to feel emotions during the sleep?

Sleep makes you happy!

How many times have you heard someone say: “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Actually, it’s not the choice of the bed’s side that affect our mood, but the hours and the quality of our sleep.

Research has shown that...

In 2007 a group of researchers carried out an experiment: Some people slept regularly while another group was prevented from sleeping. Then both groups were shown some images while their brain was monitoring.

The emotional center in the brains of sleep-deprived people was 60% more active than the other group. This means that if we don’t sleep enough our emotion will run wild: But the emotional centers we are going to stimulate are those connected to depression!

What kind of emotions do we feel during sleep?

During the night our brain doesn’t stop working: when we sleep our brain produces dreams that are full of emotions.

These feelings are often linked to our “wake” experiences. It’ s been shown that stressful periods or traumatic events are associated with bad feelings and nightmares.

A famous German playwright once said: “The dream is for the soul what sleep is for the body”. We need dreams full of happiness for our soul, and quality rest for our the body.

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