Feng Shui: 4 principles from the Chinese discipline to improve your sleep

The most important place in a house is undoubtedly our bedroom, where we spend the most important hours of the day dedicating them to rest. Be inspired by the wisdom of “Feng Shui” and turn your room into an oasis of wellness and relaxation.

Feng Shui: 4 principles from the Chinese discipline to improve your sleep

Fast and easy tricks can make your bedroom more harmonious and provide you with greater wellness.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which dates back more than 5,000 years and studies the connection between human beings and the space that surrounds them.

Tradition has it that before buying or building a house, a master Feng Shui evaluates the flow of energy that comes from the earth up to its future tenants. Yes, because according to ancient laws, living in harmony with the surrounding nature, is essential for improving the quality of life, enhancing wellbeing and productivity.

A bedroom’s layout

According to Feng Shui, the arrangement of furniture inside a bedroom is very important: the bed’s headboard should be oriented towards East, taking into consideration that head and feet should never be facing the entrance of your room.

Stimulate the 5 senses

  • Smell: the use of essential oils and scented candles improves your mood and helps create an ideal atmosphere for a regenerating rest.
  • Touch: velvet, satin, and cotton are recommended for all bedroom textiles such as sheets, pillows, and curtains.
  • Sight: colors have a powerful effect on our brain, and according to the principles of Feng Shui, shades of dove grey are indicated for recreating a feeling of warmth, resembling a reassuring embrace.
  • Hearing: the delicate gurgling of water favors relaxation of both senses and mind. This is a typical example of white noise to be heard while you’re in the bedroom. Discover what white noises are and how they can affect the quality of your rest.
  • Taste: bringing food into your bedroom is not recommended, but remember to always have a jug of water at hand, maybe flavored with fresh fruit and herbs such as mint, sage or basil.

The energy of art

For the walls of your bedroom choose images that convey a sense of wellness, happiness and positive energy. The paintings that complete the decor of your room should represent images of love, happy relationships, and intimacy.

Different levels of lighting

Choose different lighting levels for your bedroom or use an adjustable switch to increase or decrease the intensity of light. In fact, according to Feng Shui, candles provide the most important source of light in a bedroom creating a very intimate, warm and healing atmosphere for the mind.

The perfect mattress? The first choice for your well-being!

A good bed system is essential to create a room that follows Feng Shui principles. Choose a mattress that meets your physical needs and features and quality sheets made of natural fibers.

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