Here’s how eating fish can help your kids sleep better!

A recent research published in the scientific magazine Nature, talks about how fish, both in a child’s and adult’s diet, can help rest better!

Here’s how eating fish can help your kids sleep better!

Here’s why you should add fish dishes to an everyday diet if you want to help your children rest better!

Omega-3, new allies for a “healthy sleep”

The research carried out in China took into examination the results obtained on more than 500 children aged between 9 and 11: what emerged is that fat acids contained in fish help not only to improve intelligence, but also the quality of children’s sleep.

4.8 points more in IQ tests

Scientists compared the results obtained in intelligence tests and discovered that a greater consumption of fish corresponds to a higher score in test results.

Better quality of sleep thanks to the consumption of Omega-3

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have then asked children’s parents to monitor the quality of their children’s sleep and again, what emerged is a correlation between the consumption of fish and children’s resting habits: frequency of nighttime awakenings and daytime drowsiness.

The children that ate fish more frequently were those who also had less frequent sleep disorders and better sleeping qualities.

For a healthy lifestyle, eat well and sleep wonderfully!

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