4 “unsuspected” foods to avoid for better summer sleep!

Summer is a magical season: endless days, holidays, trips, luxuriant nature, cool nights filled with stars.

4 “unsuspected“ foods to avoid in order to sleep better in summer!

On the other hand, however, the change in usual habits, the temperatures that are sometimes too high, the evenings out with friends until late, spicy foods, alcoholic drinks and so on, can negatively affect the quality of our rest.

And as you well know, a good rest is determined also by what is served on the table, especially if we’re talking about dinner: so here are 4 foods that you should avoid in the evening to sleep wonderfully!

Spicy foods, desserts, and alcoholic beverages

Perhaps you already knew this: in the evening it is always better to avoid foods that are too spicy and hot, as well as desserts and alcohol. A good rule that applies to both summer and winter.

So, if you really can’t give up on ice cream, enjoy it in the afternoon or at least 3 hours before going to sleep: the high content of sugar, in fact, affects the quality of your rest.

Likewise, spicy foods can cause gastric reflux, thirst during the night and, moreover, they are stimulants.

The same goes for pizza, loved as much as the calories it contains! Better to avoid it in the evening or eat it just once in a while.

Here are the 4 “unsuspected” foods that can compromise your rest!

It’s incredible, but there are foods that, although essential in our diet, should be avoided in the evening to ensure ourselves a good rest. Here’s a list!

1. Fruit

Fruit is an essential food in each person‘s balanced diet, but be careful not to exaggerate! Thinking about replacing dinner by just eating fruit with the idea of "staying light" is not always the best go!

In fact, also fruit is very rich in sugar and therefore it should be consumed in moderation especially in the evening!

2. Vegetables

Well yes! Also, vegetables may sometimes not represent the best choice: even in this case the watchword is “dosing” the right amount. Vegetables are very rich in fiber, demanding for our body to digest.

So, it’s s okay to have vegetables in the evening as a side dish in the right amount but don’t be tricked by those famous salad bowls for dinner.

3. Meat, even if white

Red meat is a food that must always be well balanced in a healthy diet, so it’s not surprising to say that it should be avoided at dinner, but this applies also to white meat: animal proteins are never easy to digest for our body.

If you can’t do without meat in the evening, better opt for chicken or turkey, but in any case, choose to cook with little fats and salt.

4. Dark chocolate

One of the few goodies we can allow ourselves every day thanks to its many beneficial qualities, but always better not in the evening: its exciting properties would certainly not favor your rest!

The 3 essential rules for sleeping well!

  • The most important rule to be able to sleep well at night is, of course, to avoid late dinner, at least 2/3 hours before going to bed.
  • Secondly, don’t allow the couch to “trap” you, especially in the summer it’s very pleasant to have a short walk that favors digestion.
  • Finally, categorically avoid alcohol and caffeine.

So, what do I eat for dinner?

According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, in the list of the best foods that promote sleep, the first place is occupied by white rice.

A first option could be to choose a rice dish accompanied by a portion of vegetables.

Fish is another ally of good rest: salmon, tuna, and trout are particularly suitable for a light dinner (of course not fried and without exaggerating with salt!).

If you are interested in the topic, in this article we suggest some ideas for an ideal dinner before going to sleep: get inspired!

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