Summer holidays are over: it’s time for some good resolutions!

Who doesn’t happen to come back from summer holidays with a load of new resolutions? It certainly happens to you as well!

Summer holidays are over: it’s time for some good resolutions!

Getting back in shape and improving your habits for a healthier lifestyle are always at the top of the list! So why not try putting them really into action?

But before venturing into drastic diets or exhausting workouts, remember that a healthy lifestyle starts out with simple and easy habits, like the ones we should stick to each night before bedtime!

Start writing your list of new resolution right now!

1. Get to bed always at the same time

Our body loves habits, especially healthy ones and going to sleep at the same time in order to wake up early in the morning is one of these! The hard part is respecting the same time during weekends, but you'll realize that the benefits are enormous! You’ll feel refreshed and restored allowing you to better handle the day!

2. No energy drinks after 5 pm

Caffeine is an enemy of healthy sleep, so we should always be careful and never exaggerate: moreover if you have trouble falling asleep or happen to wake up during the night, starting from the afternoon you should avoid drinking coffee or eating other foods containing caffeine!

And remember that caffeine is often hidden in unthinkable places: discover the 7 places you wouldn’t expect to find it!

3. No screens one hour before bedtime

Smartphones, tablets, and televisions have been defined as the modern enemies of sleep: not surprisingly, several scientific studies have proven how using screens before going to sleep can reduce by 22% the production of melatonin, the regulatory hormone of sleep.

Turn off your electronic devices one hour before bedtime, relax by listening to music, reading a book or chatting on the couch. You’ll notice an improvement in the quality of your rest!

4. Create the ideal resting environment

Autumn is the perfect time to reconsider and reevaluate your bed system in order to get ready for winter! In order to understand if it’s time to change your mattress and find one that better suits your needs and physical features, we suggest you read our essential guide to help you choose the perfect mattress for you!

Ready to get back on track?

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