Why does a long sleep cause headaches?

Waking up in the morning with a headache is a problem that actually afflicts many people: but what are the possible causes and what can you do to ease or eliminate the problem?

Why does a long sleep cause headaches?

Here are the 7 most likely causes of headaches upon waking up and a few useful tips to get rid of migraines!

The 7 most common causes of headaches upon awakening!

1. Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder among those who suffer from headaches in the morning. Being sleep deprived can seriously compromise health, therefore it’s best to immediately discover its causes.

2. Snoring, sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome are further common disorders among those who suffer from headaches as they alter the regular flow of sleep causing repeated awakening.

3. Bruxism, often linked to stress can trigger severe headaches.

4. Dehydration, the lack of mineral salts can be the root cause of severe headaches.

5. Hormonal changes, especially for women.

6. Allergies, in particular to mites, can trigger sinusitis and consequent headaches.

7. Wrong pillow, are you sure to have one that really suits you?

Some useful tips for alleviating “early morning headaches”

  • First of all keep a headache diary: write down what you ate, what you did during the day, what time you went to sleep and when you woke up. This way you can easily identify links between headaches and wrong habits!
  • Make your room suitable for a good rest: don’t overuse air conditioners in summer or heaters in winter, air the room out and keep it tidy.
  • Choose the right bed system, and especially the right pillow! Try our online configurator to find a pillow that best suits you!
  • Avoid substances that can promote the onset of headaches, especially alcohol!
  • Eat light in the evening and at least 3 hours before bedtime, in order to not slow down the digestive process.
  • Hydration is important but don’t drink before going to sleep as you may wake up in the middle of the night for a run to the bathroom! Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • If you grind your teeth (ask your partner) consult a dentist immediately.
  • Minimize the presence of allergens in the room: no curtains, pillows, rugs, books or clothes.

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