Heat and insomnia: 7 easy tips to finally get a good night’s sleep!

Summer always arrives carrying high temperatures, which can be challenging for a good night’s sleep. Hot nights strain the quality and quantity of our rest, thus upsetting the sleep cycle and affecting our daytime productivity.

Heat and insomnia: 7 easy tips to finally get a good night’s sleep!

If you are facing problems with summertime insomnia, discover the main physical and physiological factors responsible for it and don’t miss 7 practical tips to enjoy restorative sleep even with summer heat!

Why can’t we sleep well during the summer?

When our body is exposed to high temperatures, it can be hard to relax and achieve deep sleep. Heat is perceived as a “threat” and our body stays alert, making sleep much less restorative.

On the other hand, when body temperature lowers, our body interprets it as a safety signal, allowing us to relax and dive into deeper and more restful sleep.

The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 15° C and 19° C. However, during summer, it’s challenging to maintain such a cool temperature in a room, and the overuse of air conditioners is not always the wisest choice.

Here are some simple tips on how to sleep cooler in summer!

1. Lower the blinds

Remember to lower the window blinds during the hottest hours of the day. This precaution can help block direct sunlight and reduce the perceived heat inside the room. This way, humidity will keep out and the temperature in the house may drop by up to an additional 6° C. Blackout curtains can also help us achieve the same result!

2. Ventilation

Make sure you have good air circulation in the room. Open the windows at the coolest times of the day, like in the early morning or late evening, to let fresh, clean air in.

3. Turn off all heat-producing devices

Any device that is turned on can contribute to increasing the temperature in the room. Therefore, unplugging or turning off anything you are not using is important. In particular, computers and televisions produce a considerable amount of heat, as well as incandescent light bulbs.

4. The trick with curtains

Soak the bottom end of the curtains in buckets or basins filled with water and leave all the windows open at night. The night breeze passing through the wet fabric will help cool the room. This simple but effective method is a valuable alternative to air conditioning. A must-try!

5. Shade balconies and terraces

If possible, place umbrellas on the terrace, opposite the window most exposed to sunlight, and use plants and climbing plants to create cool shaded areas.

6. Yes to fans?

Fans could be a valuable substitute for air conditioners, as on average they consume 15 times less energy! Still, it’s important to use it properly. For example, you should direct the fan upward or downward without pointing it directly at yourself. This will create circular movements in the air, providing a pleasant refreshing feeling.

7. Surround yourself with plants

Plants not only decorate the rooms in our home, they are also fantastic allies in fighting the heat. They are essential because they can absorb heat and act as biological humidifiers, balancing humidity levels and filtering the air. So, what better way to create a cooler, more pleasant atmosphere?

And don’t forget to choose a heat-proof mattress!

Choosing the right mattress can help you deal with the high summer temperatures and guarantee a comfortable and restorative sleep.

This is why Manifattura Falomo has created a range of mattresses with the innovative Memory Fresh Blue material, which contours to your body and regulates your temperature as you rest!

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