Tired and sleepy? Don't worry, you’re just hibernating!

There are those who migrate to warmer countries, those who adapt to colder temperatures, and those who prefer to get a good night's sleep until spring!

Tired and sleepy? Don't worry, you're just hibernating!

How many of us, during cold winter mornings, have not envied a bear warm in its den until spring?

Find out why we feel more sleepy too during winter months.

A long winter rest…

The hibernation of animals is a very unique and fascinating physical condition: the heartbeat slows while the blood pressure and the body temperature drop.

Even our body changes depending on the season, this is the reason why it’s so hard to get out the bed during the winter!

Why Do We need to Sleep More During the Winter? 

According to a research of the America Academy of Sleep Medicine, the cold season has a great impact on our sleep quality. How?

1. Natural light

Because of the limited exposure to natural light, our body produces less melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates our internal clock.

2. Temperatures

The temperature change, when we get in and out of our house, office, and stores, affects our natural sleep-wake rhythm.

3. Food

The winter diet is often heavier compared to the summer diet; if our metabolism slows, we’ll feel more tired.

4. Work out

The best ones do not stop to work out in the winter, but in any case, we tend to do less exercise during the cold season. Physical exercise is essential to keep us energized and, above all, more awake!

5. Seasonal problems

Cold, cough, and headaches can be a torment! Keep us up at night and during the day we feel sleepy and tired!

Are you ready for spring?

Unlike most animals, we don’t need long periods of sleep to recharge ourselves! Sleep well every night, at least 7 hours on a quality bed that will improve your rest and then your life!

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