Honey: does the “nectar of the gods” help you sleep?

Honey has been used since ancient times for its beneficial properties, winning the title of “nectar of the gods”.

Honey: does the “nectar of the gods” help you sleep?

Honey is used in so many ways, from medicine to cosmetics. But did you know that it can also fight insomnia?

It relieves cough

To relieve that annoying overnight cough that disturbs sleep in both adults and children, just take 2 teaspoons of honey before slipping into bed.

It fights hypertension and cholesterol

Honey contains oligosaccharides, a type of carbohydrate that can keep blood pressure levels under control.

Besides, honey regulates high cholesterol thanks to its vitamins and trace elements, which reduce its concentration in the blood and preserve the heart’s function, preventing arterial constriction.

It’s a powerful antioxidant

Honey functions as an incredible antioxidant on our body, keeping it healthy and fit. And let’s not forget its remarkable ability to improve the appearance of our skin.

It keeps you fit

Honey is metabolized differently from other sugars and provides a great source of energy. When taken in the evening, it helps our body burn excess fat during sleep as it speeds up our metabolism.

However, don’t forget to couple this good habit with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise.

It helps you develop a strong memory

The high concentration of calcium contained in honey is absorbed by our brain, promoting its proper functioning and improving memory.

Salt and honey: an unusual combination!

That’s right! It appears that this unusual pairing manages to promote night rest effectively.

Salt and honey: an unusual combination!

Why? The mixture of honey and salt allows the body and mind to relax naturally, regulating hormones. Thanks to the concentration of glucose, honey provides energy and performs a repairing action on our body cells.

Pink Himalayan salt, especially if organic, boasts a multitude of properties, thanks to its over 80 minerals, including magnesium, which reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

The sugars contained in honey, in combination with the mineral properties of pink salt, stimulate the natural production of serotonin. This substance regulates the biological rhythm of our sleep-wake cycle, helping us relax naturally.

So what should you do? Here’s the “recipe”!

  • In a glass jar, combine 5 parts of honey and 1 of pink Himalayan salt, readily available at the supermarket.
  • Every evening, about 20 minutes before bedtime, dissolve a full teaspoon of this mixture under your tongue!
  • And now you can finally relax and sleep wonderfully!

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