How to fight summer insomnia? Discover 6 solutions!

Let’s face it: sleeping well during the summer season can be a real nightmare.

How to fight summer insomnia? Discover 6 solutions!

Insomnia is a very common problem and during summer months it can also affect those who don’t usually have this trouble. The days are long, nights are hot, we spend more time outdoors until late in the evening and without (almost) realizing it we sleep less and poorly. Discover 6 effective solutions for getting rid of summer insomnia!

Get dressed for bedtime

It might sound wrong since we tend to get undressed when it’s hot. Yet, although we’re overheated as soon as we get into bed, during sleep and particularly in the early morning hours, body temperature decreases waking us up.

Wear large and light pajamas (or a nightgown) and choose sheets made of natural fibers such as the ones in 100% pure cotton by Manifattura Falomo.

Protect yourself from insects

If you don’t have screens on your windows, you can protect yourself from annoying gnats and mosquitoes with natural methods.

Burn some coffee powder in a saucer to get a powerful repellent effect and free the room from annoying buzzing.

Or add a few drops of lavender, lemon, citronella or peppermint essential oil to your body’s soothing cream. Your skin will have a fresh and pleasant scent, not so appreciated by mosquitoes!

Air conditioning and “conditioned” sleep

Summer heat leads to an imbalance in our natural thermoregulation system and this unavoidably interferes with our sleep.

Using the air conditioner is an excellent solution for an uninterrupted sleep as long as the temperature is set at 20-21° C, neither more nor less.

Good sleep begins at the dinner table

Since we sweat more during the summer, our body loses more water and mineral salts. This is why you should choose a diet rich in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. For a good night’s sleep, find out now in our article which fruits you should have for dinner!

Nighttime noises can stay out, thanks!

During the hot season it’s a pleasure to sleep with open windows, but how can we deal with the noises coming from the street?

Night-time noises often cause unconscious awakenings, interrupting the REM phase and therefore making us feel still tired when we wake up.

An efficient way to shield unpleasant environmental noises is to listen to “white noises”.

It is a particular type of noise that contains constant frequencies that allow relaxation and therefore help us fall asleep faster. Find out more about white noises in this article.

Choose an “anti-hot” mattress

In addition to this practical behavioral advice, you can also rely on Manifattura Falomo’s “Healthy sleep” research laboratories, which are constantly committed to providing highly breathable mattresses that dissipate excessive heat.

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