16 useful tips to help you become a “morning person”!

A “morning person” is someone who wakes up easily in the morning, full of energy and happy to start a new day soon!

16 useful tips to help you become a “morning person”!

Does it sound crazy? However these people exist and if you wish to become a “morning person”  too, don’t miss these 16 tips and you’ll notice how your life will change, morning after morning!

Happy and full of energy every morning!

Read the list of helpful tips that we have gathered for you, stick to it as much as possible and results will be along shortly!

  1. No more caffeine starting from the early afternoon, we will never stop repeating it!
  2. No after dinner drinks, alcohol never helps for a good rest.
  3. Have a hot bath or shower, the raising and subsequent lowering of body temperature will help you fall asleep earlier.
  4. No screens in your bedroom, including smartphones, and try to stop using them an hour before bedtime.
  5. Prepare your clothes for the next day and have them ready on the chair.
  6. Get everything ready for breakfast the evening before, carefully set the table and prepare the moka pot.
  7. Place your alarm clock far away from the bed, so you will have to get up to turn it off.
  8. Turn on the lights, or even better, open the windows as soon as you get out of bed! The light will help your organism get into action more quickly.
  9. Switch off the “snooze” function: learn more about this article LINK
  10. Change the alarm sound often, choose pleasant music and not the usual “unpleasant preset sounds”.
  11. In the morning drink some water before your coffee, it will activate your metabolism.
  12. Have a “super” breakfast and be careful to balance well all the nutrients of your first meal!
  13. Don’t sleep too much over the weekend, try to keep your usual hours.
  14. Get your gym bag ready or everything you need for jogging in the morning, so you’ll be more inclined to not put off the workout.
  15. Find the right motivations! In order to become a real morning person, first of all you really have to want it: having more time for yourself, being able to do physical activities and feel fitter, may be some of these.
  16. Sleep on a bed system that allows you to have a great rest!

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