How to fall asleep right away? 20 unmissable tips!

Are you looking for some useful advice to help you sleep better every night? Today we have decided to list all those tips that ought to do the trick!

How to fall asleep right away? 20 unmissable tips!

Do you already know them all? Try some out in order to improve the quality of your rest by falling asleep faster!

  1. Set the right temperature in your bedroom, never over 18°C. 
  2. Eat the right foods, those rich in magnesium help rest better. Discover the ideal dinner to help yourself sleep better!
  3. Use essential oils, lavender is particularly suitable for those who suffer from insomnia.
  4. Free your mind before going to sleep, push work-related stress away by reading a good book. But be careful not to choose the wrong format...
  5. Reduce the intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates in the evening and choose proteins and complex carbs which are rich in melatonin.
  6. No electronic devices in the room, including tablets, smartphones, TVs and bright alarm clocks.
  7. Respect your sleep routine so your body can adjust to its own cicardian rhythm. Find out now how to create your sleep routine!
  8. No caffeine in the afternoon and watch out for hidden caffeine!
  9. Work out during the first half of the day, even better if in the early morning. Find out why it’s best to avoid going to the gym in the evening!
  10. Keep a diary so you can vent your worries and feel relieved.
  11. Eat foods that stimulate the production of melatonin like cherries or kiwi!
  12. Help yourself with natural magnesium supplements but only after having consulted your doctor!
  13. Don’t count sheep, reading a book or listening to relaxing music is better.
  14. Take a sun bath: exposure to natural sunlight helps adjust your biological clock!
  15. Relax with a long bath instead of the usual 5-minute shower!
  16. Enjoy a herbal tea an hour before going to sleep. Here are 5 delicious sleepytime herbal teas!
  17. Avoid afternoon naps if you struggle to fall asleep at night.
  18. Meditate or do some breathing exercises before going to bed: try with mindfulness!
  19. Get yourself tired as much as possible: especially if you have a desk job, challenge your body with more demanding physical activity sessions.
  20. Purchase a bed system that suits your needs and physical features: choose a mattress, bed base and pillow that best suit you!

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