How to sleep better when you suffer from cervical spine disorders: here are some useful tips!

Neck pain is a widespread disorder that affects one in three people and causes pain, even very intense, in the neck, shoulders and reaches the arms.

How to sleep better when you suffer from cervical spine disorders: here are some useful tips!

When you suffer from neck pain, even night rest can become a stress: therefore some useful advice on how to sleep and the choice of a bed system can become really useful.

Constant physical exercise and targeted physiotherapy

Cervical spine disorders shouldn’t be underestimated, that’s why it’s important to immediately turn to your doctor who can guide you towards the best possible therapies: physical activities, such as swimming, help strengthen neck muscles and can help you fight inflammation, as well as targeted stretching exercises to be done with the advice of a physiotherapist.

Choose the right position to sleep better when you suffer from neck pain

The recommended sleeping position is definitely on your back, but mattress and pillow must support the natural curves of the vertebral column.

Choose your personal pillow

Choosing the right pillow is fundamental for everyone and even more for those who suffer from neck pain. Indeed a pillow has to support the neck and head without changing the natural curves of the vertebrae.

Choose your personal pillow

Choose your personal bed system

In the same way mattress and bed base have to be able to support at best: to prevent, alleviate and fight neck pain you have to act on posture, both during the day and night. In both cases, it’s essential to allow your body to maintain the most natural and correct position possible.

Loosen up

A few simple exercises before going to bed at night and after awakening in the morning could help you loosen up and stretch neck muscles: simply flexing the neck slowly to the right and left, back and forth can help a lot.

Use heat

Also using some heat on the sore area can help: heat will help you loosen up and stretch neck muscles.

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