Stop having nightmares! Here are 7 tips for a restful sleep

Nobody likes to wake up all of a sudden during the night because of a scary dream! We would all like to have wonderful dreams, and instead, how often is our sleep disturbed by bad thoughts and lingering discomfort?

Stop having nightmares! Here are the 7 tips for a restful sleep!

Unfortunately there aren’t cures or medicines that can make you stop having nightmares, but perhaps it would be enough changing some habit to naturally avoid bad dreams. Don’t miss this interesting article and find out how to improve your sleep!

What are nightmares and when do nightmares occur?

Nightmares are more or less recurring vivid, realistic, and disturbing dreams that bring out intense feelings of anxiety, fear, and terror. They typically happen during the REM sleep phase and, therefore, in the early morning.

Healthy habits to avoid nightmares

Don’t eat and sleep

Eating gets our metabolism going and activates the brain. Keep an eye on your diet to find any possible correlation between what you eat and the quality of your sleep. In addition, it’s highly recommended to have dinner at least 2-3 hours before bedtime and avoid snacks, especially if they’re sweet.

Cut back on any alcoholic drinks

Although alcohol is thought to help us fall asleep more quickly, it actually causes irregular and fragmented sleep. It’s definitely better to sip a warm and relaxing drink that promotes good sleep. And remember, even stimulating drinks and nicotine interfere with healthy sleep.

Practice light physical activity

Some exercises like yoga, pilates, or dai chi, or pleasant hobbies such as gardening, reduce muscle tension, free and calm the mind, and makes us sleep more soundly.

Write out your worries in a journal

Don’t keep it all in! Apparently meaningless nightmares may hide difficulties and worries. Entrusting our thoughts to a personal diary will help us analyze and get rid of them.

Watch and read only pleasant things

Our daily life is often targeted by unpleasant and stressful news and external factors. This is why you should enjoy the tranquility of your home and wind down with a good book or movie. Also, remember that another essential factor is choosing to be surrounded by positive people!

Encourage pleasant dreams

Anxiety and worries often trigger bad dreams. But to stay healthy and get back to pleasant dreams, we can focus our thoughts on positive images, goals, and wishes.

Choose the right mattress for sweeter dreams

Get back to a truly restful sleep with the right bed system. Make sure you take all your time when purchasing a mattress, bed base, or pillow. Contact us now to find now our closest retail shop!

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