6 tips for decorating your bedroom and have a great sleep!

The National Sleep Foundation has published a list of 6 tips to arrange our bedroom perfectly and make it the perfect place for an healthy and regenerating sleep!

6 tips for decorating your bedroom and have a great sleep!

Transform your bedroom into a “rest temple”! Help yourself with our 6 simple tips!

1. Switch lights off!

An hour before going to sleep, turn off the light that are not absolutely necessary and let turn on only a small lamp.

In this way you’ll help your organism to prepare itself for the night, suggesting to the brain that is the time to start resting.

2. Choose the right color…

It has been showed that the color of the bedroom’s walls affects our sleep! If you want to know which is the best color for a great sleep, do not miss this article. The colors of an healthy sleep: Which is the best color for a good rest?

3. Keep the right temperature…

The idea temperature in the bedroom is around 18-20 °C. In the summer, help yourself by using it conditioners (no exaggerations!) and during the winter do not keep the heaters turned on too long, trying to keep the right temperature and humidity level.

4. Silence is gold!

Mute or better switch off al your devices! Smartphone, tablet, and TV should not even come into the bedroom!

Also the air conditioners and fans in the summer can affect your rest!

5. Help yourself with aromatherapy!

Some scents, such as lavender, aid for insomniacs. Try to surround yourself with fragrances with calming and relaxing powers!

6. Choose the mattress, the pillow, and bed base that best satisfies you!

The choice of the bed system is crucial to ensure you a restful sleep!

Each of us has unique physical characteristics and for this reason we should carefully choose every component of our bed system: A mattress, a pillow, and a bed that perfectly fit to your body will give you a perfect night!

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