Here’s the right moment for bed time!

Do you feel sleepy in the morning when the alarm clock goes off? Neither really rested nor full of energy? Maybe you don’t go to sleep at the right time for you!

Here’s the right moment for bed time!

According to a recent study, what really is important, is not only the amount of hours we manage to sleep at night but the exact moment we choose for bedtime! Find out more!

Sleep in ‘90s!

We already know that not only is the amount of sleep we get important, but most of all the quality of our daily rest: this is why we must not think in hours when it comes to sleep, but in multiples of 90 minutes!

This is the length of a sleep cycle and in order to recover our energies after a long day, we need to rest for about 5 or 6 sleep cycles.

Calculate the perfect time to go to bed!

Especially when you don’t have the chance to sleep 7/8 hours a night, in order to obtain the maximum benefit out of sleep, it is essential not to interrupt a sleep cycle but wake up only when a cycle is about to end or has just ended.

What does this mean?

If your alarm clock is set for 7:00, for example, the best times for going to bed are 21:46, 23:46, 00:46 or 2:46, taking into account that on average you then need about 14 minutes to fall asleep.

Try out the calculator!

A British website has put online this calculator of the perfect time to go to sleep”: try it out and discover if you can improve your sleep by choosing the right time to get in bed.

Find the perfect bed system for you!

Choose to rest well each night thanks to a mattress and bed base able to suit you perfectly! Furthermore, find out now through our online configurator and just 3 simple measurements, what your ideal pillow is!

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