What Would Happen To Our Body If We Stop Sleeping? 

In 1965 Randy Gardner, a young Californian student, decided to conduct an experiment: he tried to stay awake as long as possible.

What Would Happen To Our Body If We Stopped Sleeping?

His dangerous experiment ran for 264 hours, or better 11 days! But what were the consequences of this practice?

A Guinness World Record!

Randy Gardner was not the only one who attempted the challenge, in fact, a few years ago Tony Wright exceeded the 264 hours, but the judges decided to not report this new Guinness record to deter others from emulating him.

The lack of sleep may cause serious consequences to our organism!

How Did That Go?

Randy was very young and healthy at the time, fortunately the experiment had no long-term consequences for him.

But what happened to his body during the 264 waking hours?

During the 2nd Day…

…his concentration began to decline.

A Few Hours Later…

…he began to lose the ability to identify simple objects around him, even to the touch!

The 3rd Day…

bad mood and disorientation arrived.

The Last Few Days…

…he lost completely the ability to concentrate, he didn’t remember events that occurred a few minutes before and he didn’t recognize people. Then paranoia and hallucinations arrived.

It’s Better Not To Take the Risk!

You don’t need to stay awake 11 days, if insomnia becomes chronic, serious problems may affect your body. The sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate itself.

For this reason, it’s important to rest on a quality bed that meets your physical characteristics.

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