Did you know that sleeping is actually an investment?

Hectic job commitments, irregular plans, school, and parental duties often push the essential need for healthy rest at the bottom of your priority list.

Did you know that sleeping is actually an investment?

For sure Kazuhiko Moriyama, owner of a well-known Japanese company, figured it out and decided to invest in the quality of his employees’ sleep. Find out how!

A lack of sleep influences your career

Lack of sleep has repercussions on everyone’s working skills, leading to huge economic losses:

  • It knocks out the ability to schedule activities.
  • The ability to consolidate information is reduced.
  • It alters judgment.
  • Impulsivity and litigation increase.
  • It leads to depression.
  • It reduces the capacity to manage stress.

Good sleep pays back

Therefore good rest and a healthy lifestyle improve work performance, leading to subsequent personal and economic growth.

This is how the well-known Kazuhiko Moriyama has devised a way to see well-rested employees in the office in the morning: literally paying their hours of sleep!

The app that “converts” sleep into money

Employees’ night rest is regularly tracked through an innovative app and those who sleep up to 6 hours a night for at least 5 days a week receive points for a total value of 64,000 yen per year, which means 570 dollars. The compensation received can then be spent at cafes and dining halls affiliated with the company.

Good habits ennoble work

In order to live and work well, it is also necessary to improve nutrition, exercise regularly and work in a positive environment, all aspects that the Japanese company focused on with this unique project. First introduced on an experimental basis, Kazuhiko Moriyama recorded a general improvement in the health of his employees with a consequent increase in business productivity.

An investment even more precious than money: your health!

We know that night after night, good sleep is a real remedy for our health. To promote sleep, carefully choose a bed system that fully satisfies your needs!

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